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Editor's Note

Hobson's Choice
Jackson Lears
Donald Trump embodies a rogues’ gallery of cartoonish figures: the confidence man, the master of misdirection, the buffoonish big shot, the demonic clown. But he is a clown with a semiautomatic assault weapon. In pursuing terrorists, his predecessors in the White House have provided this president with the tools to pursue executive tyranny...

Selections from our Winter 2017 issue…

Teacher Teacher: Poirier and Coles on Writing
David Bartholomae
It is fall, 2010, and I’m headed toward the final weeks of a firstyear writing course, a course I’ve taught every fall since 1973, when I was a graduate student at Rutgers University and teaching for the first time…

XYZ, or, the ABCs of Deconstruction
Gregory Jones-Katz
It was the spring term of 1977 in 317 Linsly-Chittenden Hall, a Romanesque building on the High Street edge of Yale’s Old Campus that housed “The Best English Department in the World,” and Geoffrey Hartman had just finished a lecture in Lit Z, an innovative course that he team-taught with Paul de Man…

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