Contents of the Spring 2015 issue

  • Rodney Olsen
    Chinquapin Park, Alexandria, Virginia (digital photograph)
  • Jonathan Lear
    Waiting with Coetzee (PDF)
  • John Kinsella
    Seven Poems
  • Chris Lehmann
    Apocalyptic Christianity and American Capitalism: A Marriage Made in Heaven
  • Tom Sleigh
    Three Poems (PDF)
  • Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen
    Black Nietzsche (PDF)
  • Gerard Malanga
    Three Poems
  • Linda DeLibero
    Enter Brando
  • John Paul Rollert
    Shakespeare and the Theater of the Self
  • Nancy Goldner
    Balanchine’s Apollo and the Paradox of Performance
  • Amelia Wilbur Riggs
    Three Poems
  • Ardashir Vakil
    Last Time (fiction)
  • Elisabeth Sifton
    The Unread Kennan
  • Lance Larsen
    Four Poems

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