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Contents of the Winter 2017 Issue

Christopher Schade
Arch 3 (Ithaca/Paris/Winter/Day)

Oil on linen
(12 x 12 inches), 2013
Copyright held by the artist

Christopher Schade

Arch 3 (Ithaca/Paris/Winter/Day) (painting)

Jacqueline Rose
The Psychoanalytic Passion of Edward Said

Samantha Grenrock
The Sixth Age (poetry) (PDF)

David Bartholomae
Teacher Teacher: Poirier and Coles on Writing (PDF)

Gregory Jones-Katz
XYZ, or the ABCs of Deconstruction (PDF)

James Longenbach
So to Speak

Mark Rudman
Three Poems

Edward Tenner
Constructing the German Shepherd Dog

David Mikics
The Seductions of Silence

George Bradley
Two Poems

James Buzard
How George Eliot Works

Susan Barba
Two Poems (PDF)

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