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Forthcoming in Raritan

David Bromwich, Lincoln as Realist and Revolutionist
Adam Shatz on Frantz Fanon
Ross Posnock, William Gaddis’s Sophistication
Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen on existentialism today
Adam Phillips on William James
Richard King, Hannah Arendt and the Uses of Literature
Megan Vaughan, Colonial Melancholia
Philip Horne and others on Karl Miller
Barry Schwabsky on Walter Benjamin
Brian McGrath, Boring Howells
Henri Cole, Three Poems
Jane Miller, Sasha, My Brilliant Friend
Robert Boyers, Ways of Will
William Firebrace, A Fine Place for a Storm
D. A. Powell, Three Poems
Andrew Hartman, Culture Wars and the Humanities in the Age of Neoliberalism
Jessica Burstein, All Politics

...The key to mimic man's behavior lies not in any clash of opposed civilizations, but, on the contrary, in irresistible mimetic desire: the logic of fascination, emulation, and righteous self-assertion that binds the rivals inseparably...

-- Pankaj Mishra (Fall 2016)


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