Forthcoming in Raritan

Emilio Lussu, A Soldier on the Southern Front (trans. Gregory Conti)

Gordon Lish, Avant la lettre

Dolores Hayden, Eternity Street (poetry)

Daniel Rodgers, The Elusive Ideal of Equality

Ardashir Vakil, Impromptu

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen on Nietzsche in African American thought

Andrew Whitehead, India's Unreal Cities

James Miller, Rousseau and Montaigne

Julie Livingston, Figuring the Tumor

Timothy Peltason, Love and Judgment in Huck Finn

Andrew I. Port on Anne Applebaum's Iron Curtain

Ann Fabian on photography and the transformation of everyday life

Casey Walker, Marcel Proust and the Making of Mrs. Dalloway 

Michael Zakim on the fountain pen and the market revolution

Andrew Bacevich on military generals

Myra Jehlen, When Pigs Talk They'll Tell the Truth

Michael Kazin on World War I

Jeffrey Meyers on Hemingway's letters

Timothy Parrish, Ralph Ellison’s Three Days

Ray Klimek on James Benning's Ten Skies

Jose Faus, Two Poems

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