Forthcoming in Raritan

Jacqueline Rose, The Psychoanalytic Passion of Edward Said

Adam Shatz on Frantz Fanon

Ross Posnock, William Gaddis’s Sophistication

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen on existentialism today

David Bartholomae, Teacher Teacher: Poirier and Coles on Writing

Adam Phillips on William James

Richard King, Hannah Arendt and the Uses of Literature

Edward Tenner on German Shepherd Dogs

Christopher Schade, Arch 3 (Ithaca/Paris/Winter/Day)

David Bromwich, Lincoln as Realist and Revolutionist

Megan Vaughan, Colonial Melancholia

Philip Horne and others on Karl Miller

Gregory Jones-Katz, XYZ, or, the ABCs of Deconstruction

Barry Schwabsky on Walter Benjamin

James Longenbach, So to Speak

Brian McGrath, Boring Howells

James Buzard, How George Eliot Works

Henri Cole, Three Poems

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