Forthcoming in Raritan

David Ferry, A Translation from the Aeneid

Andrew J. Bacevich, The Subaltern’s Dilemma

Michael Kazin on American resistance to World War I

Julie Livingston, Figuring the Tumor in Botswana

Jeffrey Meyers on Hemingway's letters

Timothy Parrish, Ralph Ellison’s Three Days before the Shooting

Lawrence Rosenwald, An Anatomy of Anti-War Literature

James W. Cook, Frederick and Harriet Loudin and the Geopolitics of Black Celebrity

Ann Fabian on photography and the transformation of everyday life

Peg Boyers, Two Poems

Christopher Wilson on Michael Lewis and the business of sport

Casey M. Walker, Marcel Proust Meets Mrs. Dalloway

Ray Klimek on James Benning's Ten Skies

Myra Jehlen on Charlotte's Web

Jonathan Sapers, Hazards (fiction)

M. Fortuna, Percussion of Cut and Salve (assemblage)

Gerard Malanga, Three Poems

Dejan Lukic on Communist prisons

William Logan, Two Poems

Hugh Haughton, Screen Memories

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