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Volume 24 Number 1RSS

Volume 24 Number 1

Summer 2004

Top of Building (Evening) (painting)

Translation of Rosetta Loy's Ahi, Paloma (fiction)

Gregory Conti

Freud and Shakespeare on Love

Mark Edmundson

Three Poems

Daniel Mark Epstein


Christina Mars Gillis


Jonathan H. Grossman

Neolithic Figurine, Spetses Archaeological Museum (poetry)

Rachel Hadas

The Helen Keller Who Still Matters (review-essay)

Georgina Kleege

Ahi, Paloma (fiction), translated by Gregory Conti

Rosetta Loy

Christopher Logue's War Music (review-essay)

Mary Maxwell

Shades of your Black Memory (fiction), translated by Michael Ugarte

Donato Ndongo

An Anatomy of American Irony

J. R. Pole

Jelly Roll Morton's Parole from Hell (review-essay)

Carlo Rotella

Thucydides and the Powell Doctrine

Shifra Sharlin

Translation of Donato Ndongo's Shades of Your Black Memory (fiction)

Michael Ugarte

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