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Volume 26 Number 4RSS

Volume 26 Number 4

Spring 2007

No Man's Land (poetry) (with Peter LaBier)

Esther Bell

Reconsidering the Shabby and the Sublime

Robert Boyers

Dear Billy (poetry)

Nick Bozanic

Translation of Tiziano Scarpa's Body (II)

Gregory Conti

Tintoretto and the Truths of Incoherence

Robert Hahn

War and Peace for the Twentieth Century (review-essay)

Jochen Hellbeck

Three Poems

John Hollander

Dazzling Henry James

Christoph Irmscher

F'licit? and the Holy Parrot

Myra Jehlen

Shrinking Mirror (review-essay)

William Kerrigan

The Strange Life and Times of John Howard Griffin (review-essay)

Georgina Kleege

I Santi Delle Antire (fiction)

Samuel Klonimos

No Man's Land (drawing) (with Esther Bell)

Peter La Bier

A forgotten moment relived (painting/collage)

Four Poems

Kate Northrop

An Approach to Unapproachable America

Richard Poirier

Body (II), translated by Gregory Conti

Tiziano Scarpa

Boys (poetry)

Frederick Seidel

A Pole, A Fence, a Bridge (poetry)

Anne Pierson Wiese

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