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372klimekRay Klimek
Carbon Burn
Digital C print
(30 x 40 inches), 2015
Copyright held by the artist
Frontispiece Fall 2017

...Mars is on fire
and we want to go there

oh, brilliant...
Fall 2017, page 132

Welcome to Raritan—a journal of wide-ranging inquiry. In the tradition of independent magazines from the Spectator to Partisan Review, Raritan offers writers and readers the opportunity for sustained reflection and aesthetic pleasure, uncluttered by academic jargon. Founded in 1981 by the distinguished literary critic Richard Poirier, and supported by Rutgers University, Raritan aims to reach the common reader in everyone and to provide a particular experience of reading, one that nurtures an engaged and questioning approach to cultural texts of all sorts: literary, artistic, political, historical, sociological, even scientific.

Our contributors include some of the most prominent thinkers of our time—David Bromwich, Adam Phillips, Jacqueline Rose, Pankaj Mishra—as well as talented younger writers whose voices we have just begun to hear—Corey Robin, Elizabeth Samet, Timothy Parrish, Kate Northrop, Jennifer Burns. In fiction, poetry, and translations as well as reflective essays, Raritan shows that probing inquiry is perfectly compatible with personal style, and that intellectual life, at its best, is a form of serious play. We invite you to explore Raritan and, if you like what you see, to subscribe to our magazine.

Jackson Lears
Editor in Chief

Jackson Lears: War and Forgetfulness
Editor's Note — Winter 2018
In the contemporary United States, as in most modern societies, collective memory is always under construction. The contributors to the project are academics, journalists, politicians, business executives, media professionals, and other public figures who have access to institutions with the power to disseminate ideas about the past. They create narratives that purport to explain how we became who we are. This requires selective remembering and systematic forgetting. Read more...

We are proud to announce a major exhibit by our Associate Editor, Karen Parker Lears, at the Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters Gallery in New Brunswick.  "Swansquarter: an Exploration of Light and Wayfinding" will be on display from January 29 to March 9. For more information, including how to schedule a visit, go to


Jackson Lears: War and Forgetfulness
Editor's Note — Winter 2018

Selections from our Fall 2017 issue…

A Note on Fall 2017 Issue
Stephanie Volmer — Managing Editor

No Direction Home: The Journey of Frantz Fanon
Adam Shatz
I was a teenager when I first saw a picture of Frantz Fanon, on the back of my father’s hardcover copy of Black Skin, White Masks, a 1967 Grove edition. He appeared in a tweed jacket, a freshly pressed white shirt, and a striped tie, with a five-o’clock shadow and an intense, somewhat hooded expression; his right eye slightly turned up to face the camera, his left fixed in a somber gaze. He seemed to be issuing a challenge, or perhaps a warning, that if his words weren’t heeded, there would be hell to pay. . . 

What We Talk about When We Talk about Populism
Charles Postel
For many Europeans, just as for some Americans, populism is understood simply as ethnic and racial intolerance and nationalism. That might serve as journalistic shorthand. But as an analytical concept, in Europe as in the United States, populism is a jumble of confused meanings, many of which are bound up in the tangled roots of American political and intellectual history. Untangling these roots provides a starting point for making sense of the emergent power of right-wing nationalism in a transatlantic context. . .

Nothing Much to Say (fiction)
Cara Bayles
The Caillou Parish Chamber of Commerce gala had drawn a crowd, and the civic center’s lobby reeked of aftershave, gumbo, and sweat-stained seersucker. . .

Three Poems
D. A. Powell

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