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Raritan Quarterly

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Welcome to Raritan, a journal of wide-ranging inquiry that offers writers and readers the opportunity for sustained reflection and aesthetic pleasure, uncluttered by academic jargon. Founded in 1981 by the distinguished literary critic Richard Poirier, and supported by Rutgers University, Raritan aims to reach the common reader in everyone and to provide a particular experience of reading, one that nurtures an engaged and questioning approach to cultural texts of all sorts: literary, artistic, political, historical, sociological, even scientific. Our contributors include some of the most prominent thinkers of our time, as well as talented younger writers whose voices we have just begun to hear.

Selections from our Current Issue

Seeing in the Dark
Jackson Lears and Karen Parker Lears

It is hard to draw breath in this historical moment without feeling suffocated by sadness and anger--not to mention helplessness. The heavily armed state of Israel is systematically murdering the unarmed civilians of Gaza and reducing their neighborhoods to rubble.

32 Years, Pearls of K (mixed media)
Two Poems
Austin Segrest

Born on top in Brookwood Hospital,
I was raised on the backside of the mountain
really just a ridge, suburban subslope
under Brookwood Road's
irresistible straightaway, its thick trunks
waiting for the cars of high school boys
to wrap around them. . . .

Hearing Voices: Missing David Ferry
Rosanna Warren

David Ferry has kept me company, in his friendship and in his poems and translations, for over thirty years. I reach now for his books to steady me in my mourning for him.

I Chose Life: My Last Public Testimony of the Shoah
Liliana Segre (translated by Gregory Conti)

There comes a time when a person who is ninety years old, as I am now, says: "Enough, I need to rest. I don't want to remember anymore. I don't want to suffer anymore. . . .I don't want to anymore." Where to speak, then, for the last time in public?

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