Frontispiece ''The Old Water'' by Thornton Dial Sr.

Thornton Dial Sr.
The Old Water

Steel, tin, wood, wire, cloth, carpet, driftwood,
wood trellis, barbed wire, enamel,
spray paint, and Splash Zone compound
(84 x 146.5 x 4 inches), 2004

Collection of Philadelphia Museum of Art
(museum purchase and gift of the
Souls Grown Deep Foundation)
© 2021 Estate of Thornton Dial/
Artists Rights Society, New York
Photo by Pitkin Studio/Art Resource, New York

...''What I don't get,'' said Marcus Marquez, ''is where's the body at? You don't just chop off pieces and rest is gone."...
Fall 2021, page 110

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Jackson Lears
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Jackson Lears: One Hundred Seconds
Editor's Note — Summer 2020
At what feels like an apocalyptic moment, the nation that has always claimed to play a uniquely redemptive role in world history has suddenly been recast in a different mold. In the richest country on earth, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have turned out to be peculiarly catastrophic. Read more...

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Jackson Lears: One Hundred Seconds
Editor's Note — Summer 2020


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Selections from our Fall 2021 issue…

The Writers' Studio
Ben Miller
On the third floor of Byerly Hall, standing eye-to-eye with tiers of chestnut-tree leaves, I often thought of how certain good deeds, like tiny seeds, can grow in significance as decades pass and circumstances are better understood thanks to images that refuse and refuse to fade.

Seven Psalm Octets
Susan Stewart
Why should you be angry, why these
burning words when I'm so low my bones
ache, my teeth ache, and mercy is your
power's proof?...

The Travails of a ''Lady Scientist""
Ann Fabian
On a Thursday night in December 1920, an attendant at the Museum of Natural History, worried about a woman, called the police. The next morning, the New York Times ran a short account -- three sentences on a back page, smuggled down below Friday's theater news.

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