Frontispiece, Valley of the Gods Series: Mitch the Bitch, Clown Rumpf (painting), by Dylan Foglesong

James E. Dupree
Valley of the Gods Series:
Mitch the Bitch, Clown Rumpf
Acrylic on unprimed canvas, 2021
Photographer: Kenneth White


..To hitch was the beg. What I wanted was clear, not a
dollar but a lift...

Summer 2023, page 1

Welcome to Raritan—a journal of wide-ranging inquiry. In the tradition of independent magazines from the Spectator to Partisan Review, Raritan offers writers and readers the opportunity for sustained reflection and aesthetic pleasure, uncluttered by academic jargon. Founded in 1981 by the distinguished literary critic Richard Poirier, and supported by Rutgers University, Raritan aims to reach the common reader in everyone and to provide a particular experience of reading, one that nurtures an engaged and questioning approach to cultural texts of all sorts: literary, artistic, political, historical, sociological, even scientific.

Our contributors include some of the most prominent thinkers of our time—David Bromwich, Adam Phillips, Jacqueline Rose, Pankaj Mishra—as well as talented younger writers whose voices we have just begun to hear—Corey Robin, Elizabeth Samet, Timothy Parrish, Kate Northrop, Jennifer Burns. In fiction, poetry, and translations as well as reflective essays, Raritan shows that probing inquiry is perfectly compatible with personal style, and that intellectual life, at its best, is a form of serious play. We invite you to explore Raritan and, if you like what you see, to subscribe to our magazine.

Jackson Lears
Editor in Chief

Jackson Lears: One Hundred Seconds
Editor's Note — Summer 2020
At what feels like an apocalyptic moment, the nation that has always claimed to play a uniquely redemptive role in world history has suddenly been recast in a different mold. In the richest country on earth, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have turned out to be peculiarly catastrophic. Read more...


Jackson Lears: One Hundred Seconds
Editor's Note — Summer 2020


Current Exhibit: 꽃 (flower)

Flower 1

Selections from our Summer 2023 issue…

The Fifth Element
David Bosworth
Early August long ago and, thumb out again, I was on the road -- this time in rural New Mexico, two thousand miles away from home.

Two Poems
Rachel Hadas

Grain by grain, the hourglass ticks:
Before. After. Now.
Now, although one tiny grain of sand
overwhelms the after and before,
especially the before.

Kafka: Gesturing, Drawing, Writing
Gabriel Josipovici
Everybody has seen Kafka's pen and ink drawings of stick-like or heavily inked-in single figures with overlong limbs in various attitudes of contortion.

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