Contents of the Winter 2020 Issue

Jonathan Morse
Climates 3

Pigment print on Moab Juniper rag
(24 x 36 inches), 2019
Copyright held by the artist

Jonathan Morse
Afterthoughts 6

Pigment print on Moab Juniper rag
(24 x 36 inches), 2018
Copyright held by the artist

Jonathan Morse

Climates 3 and Afterthoughts 6 (pigment prints)

Lynn Adelman
The Roberts Court v. the First Amendment

George Scialabba
Affirming America

Noor Shawaf
Two Poems

Derek Furr
Green Heron (On Dwelling in Possibility)

Eleanor Cook
A Virgil for Our Time

Susan Barba
Two Poems

Andrew J. Bacevich
My Guy

William Firebrace
Ask the Bretschtellmann

Theodore Kitaif
Avocations (fiction)

Barbara Cutter and Brian Roberts
The Celebrity Indian in American Culture

Geoffrey Galt Harpham
The Strain of Race in Show Boat

Sylvie Baumgartel
Girl (poetry)

Nathaniel Rudavsky-Brody

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Jackson Lears: One Hundred Seconds
Editor's Note — Summer 2020

Selections from our Summer 2020 issue…

Assange behind Glass
Patrick Lawrence

Of all the images of Julian Assange made public over the years, three are indelibly haunting, even if, as we look at them, their import comes to us subliminally.

The Man Who Knew Too Much
Lyle Jeremy Rubin
Suppose a grave-looking man, after approaching you on the sidewalk, announced that the government had contingency plans to annihilate the bulk of humanity and most large nonhuman species to boot.

Black Desert: Nineteen Remnants
Ray Klimek
Breaker boys were an important part of the coal industry's workforce from the mid-1860s until the 1920s.

Three Poems
Sarah Paley

You're my fucking husband and I'll kill you if
I want! The wife claws and flails fruitlessly.
The glowering husband does his own riff.

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