Contents of the Winter 2020 Issue

Jonathan Morse
Climates 3

Pigment print on Moab Juniper rag
(24 x 36 inches), 2019
Copyright held by the artist

Jonathan Morse
Afterthoughts 6

Pigment print on Moab Juniper rag
(24 x 36 inches), 2018
Copyright held by the artist

Jonathan Morse

Climates 3 and Afterthoughts 6 (pigment prints)

Lynn Adelman
The Roberts Court v. the First Amendment

George Scialabba
Affirming America

Noor Shawaf
Two Poems

Derek Furr
Green Heron (On Dwelling in Possibility)

Eleanor Cook
A Virgil for Our Time

Susan Barba
Two Poems

Andrew J. Bacevich
My Guy

William Firebrace
Ask the Bretschtellmann

Theodore Kitaif
Avocations (fiction)

Barbara Cutter and Brian Roberts
The Celebrity Indian in American Culture

Geoffrey Galt Harpham
The Strain of Race in Show Boat

Sylvie Baumgartel
Girl (poetry)

Nathaniel Rudavsky-Brody

Jackson Lears: One Hundred Seconds
Editor's Note — Summer 2020

Current Exhibit: Six Moons

2020 02 exhibit

Selections from our Fall 2020 issue…

Field Notes from a Pandemic: Call of the Killdeer
Ben Miller

For more than two years, to perpetuate the writing life, I have worked as a support specialist--or secretary--in a small (one doctor, two nurse) twenty-four-hour telehealth ICU unit that ordinarily assists the ICU staff at thirty-four small hospitals spread across the Midwest.

Cats and the Existential Struggle of French Philosophy
Andy Martin
One day in the spring of 1961, Claude Lévi-Strauss and Roman Jakobson met in Paris to extinguish poetry.

Two Poems
Stephanie Burt

Someone will probably love you for who you are,
If not, you'll still find friends,
friends who, given time, or given warning,
will probably gather around you, hold your hands,
and wrap you in soft coats and blankets till the violence
inside your body ends.

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