Advertising rates   
One issue:
1 page, $290
2+ pages, $245 per page

Four issues:
1 page, $195
2+ pages, $150 per page

 Two to three issues:
1 page, $245
2+ pages, $200 per page

Advertising Deadlines  
Ad copy deadlines:
Summer, June 10
Fall, September 10
Winter, December 10
Spring, March 10

Publication dates:
Summer, August 20
Fall, November 15
Winter, February 1
Spring, May 1

Artwork specifications
Dimensions for all b/w ads are 4.5 inches wide by 7.5 inches tall. We accept ads in both camera-­ready and PDF format. If camera-­ready, your ad must be 133-­line screen (no bleeds). If your ad is a PDF, we suggest using the PDF X1A standard for PDF creation. Please ensure that all fonts are embedded and the resolution amounts are as below. For halftones, we suggest 300 dpi. For Lineart or Bitmaps, we suggest 1200 dpi. Raritan does not print half-­ or quarter-­page ads or color ads.

For more information
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...Due to what incident or accident does one abandon one's shoes?... 

-- Anne Pierson Wiese
(Summer 2015)