Forthcoming in Raritan

Ruth Bernard Yeazell on Vermeer and the language of poetry

Marjorie Garber, As 'Twere

Benjamin Westwood, The Queer Art of Ardent Reading

Eugene McCarraher on the effort to create a science of ethics

Francisco Unger on Frederick Seidel

George Hutchinson, Remembering the Peace Corps

Charles McNulty on King Lear

Ann Fabian on "that awful animal, a lady scientist"

Victor Brombert on learning from students

Neal Dolan, Something There Is That Loves a Wall. . .

Ali Zaidi on the translations of Daud Kamal

Fiction by John Kinsella, Michael McGuire, and James Reed

Poetry by Sylvie Baumgartel, John Canaday, and Karl Kirchwey

...He collected the typical electrical toys of the period—
the Electrical Cannon, the Electrical Cloud, the Burning Air...

-- William Firebrace
(Summer 2017)