Forthcoming in Raritan

Merve Emre
, ''Love as Aesthetic Education"

Langdon Hammer, ''Bagman''

Michelle Stephens on Paul Robeson

Marjorie Garber on Virginia Woolf and Queenie Leavins

James Morrison, "Dreyer's Witches"

Philip Weinstein, "The Mother of Beauty"

Anne Kenner, "Saying It"

Gabriel Josipovici, "Kafka: Gesturing, Drawing, Writing''

Eli Mandel, ''Fact Finders''

Eugene McCarraher on Christian tradition and the apocalypse

James Delbourgo on the mixed motives of museum collectors

Ryƫnosuke Akutagawa, (trans. Ryan Choi), "Art and Other Matters"

Art by James Dupree

Fiction by M. J. Fitzgerald, Helen Geoghegan and Immanuel Mifsud (trans. Ruth Ward)

Poetry by Rachel Hadas, Gabriel Levin, and Brian Swann it the way people yearn to be newly yet availably strange to each other... 

-- Matthew Bevis (Winter 2015)