Forthcoming in Raritan

Lyle Jeremy Rubin
on the sinister seductions of "humane war"

Christopher Benfey,
"Melville's Counterpane"

Sanford Schwartz
on Hans Holbein the Younger

Michelle Stevens on Paul Robeson

Karl Kirchwey on his uncle and his father in World War II

James Mumford on Eliot's modernist Christianity

Michael Autrey, "Head-On: In Love and Grief"

Jodie Noel Vinson, "Flightless"

Gregory Jones-Katz on education and capitalism in China

James Delbourgo on the mixed motives of museum collectors

James Buzard, "Liquid Dorrit"

Marjorie Perloff, "Tolstoyan Realism"

Art by Dylan Foglesong

Fiction by Samuel Klonimos, and Thomas Ross

Poetry by George Kalogeris, Gabriel Levin, and Lisa Russ Spaar

...Sometimes I read to him from the paper. I know he's listening by the way his ears swivel... 

-- Tom Larsen (Spring 2016)