Forthcoming in Raritan

Joan Scott
on Charles Fourier's sexual utopia

Roberto De Romanis (trans. Gregory Conti),

Michelle Stevens on Paul Robeson

Carlo Rotella on the unpredictable impact of teaching

Andy Martin, Letter from Wales

James Longenbach, The Point of Poetry

Marsha Pomerantz, Espionage

Lynn Adelman on sex offenders and the Constitution

George Toles, The Rewards of Digression in Film Narrative

Art by Thornton Dial Sr.

Fiction by Felix Amerasinghe, Daniel Hajnacki, and Tami Schuyler

Poetry by John Koethe, Richard Sieburth,and Tomas Unger

...Sometimes I read to him from the paper. I know he's listening by the way his ears swivel... 

-- Tom Larsen (Spring 2016)