Forthcoming in Raritan

Ruth Bernard Yeazell
on Vermeer and the language of poetry

Lore Segal, Lying to Mother

Eugene McCarraher on the effort to create a science of ethics

Charles McNulty on King Lear

Ann Fabian on "that awful animal, a 'lady scientist'"

Roberto De Romanis (trans. Gregory Conti), Osvaldo

Victoria Nelson on Adam Zagajewski

Carlo Rotella on the unpredictable impact of teaching

Michelle Stevens on Paul Robeson

James Delbourgo, The Art of Reclamation

Lynn Adelman on sex offenders and the Constitution

Christopher Benfey on Steven Crane

Paula Fass, Henja

Ben Miller, The Writers' Studio

Art by Thornton Dial Sr.

Fiction by John Kinsella, Michael McGuire, and James Reed

Poetry by John Canaday, Tom Sleigh, and Susan Stewart

...All poems fix their designs in water, they are miraculous devices of sun and ice... 

-- Kenneth Gross (Summer 2016)