Forthcoming in Raritan

Jessica Riskin
, Letter from the Jardin des Plantes

Joan Scott
on Charles Fourier's sexual utopia

Michelle Stevens on Paul Robeson

John Berryman (intro. William Logan), Africa

Christoph Irmscher on a cache of family photos

Lynn Adelman on sex offenders and the Constitution

James Buzard, Liquid Dorrit

Ed Tenner, Adam Smith and the Roomba

Sanford Schwartz on Hans Holbein at the Morgan Library

Chandos Brown, Frederick Douglass at the Emancipation Memorial

Christopher Benfey on Herman Melville

Art by Dylan Foglesong

Fiction by C. Felix Amerasinghe, Daniel Hojnacki, Thomas Ross, and Tamara Schuyler

Poetry by Paul Muldoon, Richard Sieburth, Tom Sleigh, and Lisa Russ Spaar

...imagine a snowball slowly rolling down a snow-covered hill, only the snowball is made out of cash and the hill is a pile of money... 

-- Eli Cook (Fall 2015)