The Old Water (assemblage)

Lost Cows (assemblage)

Thornton Dial Sr.

Remembering the Peace Corps: Haute Volta, 1975-1977

Dante, Duality, and the Function of Allegory

Mutabor: Halberstadt (poetry)

Karl Kirchwey

The Queer Art of Ardent Reading

13 Poems about Cyrus

Daud Kamal's Translations of Classical Poetry

Ali Shehzad Zaidi

As 'Twere; or, Misrecognition

Marjorie Garber

Must the Wind in the Tree? (poetry)

Ishion Hutchinson

''Mending Wall' and the New Populism

Neal Dolan

Five Poems

William Logan

Gifts Reserved for Age

Francisco Unger

''Brombingo!'': Learning from Students

Victor Brombert

Untitled (painting)

Sally Mann and the Burden of Southern History

Prophecy and Wisdom in the African American Intellectual Imagination

The Truth of Psychoanalysis

Adam Phillips

Moto Perpetuo (poetry)

Elisa Biagini translated by Gregory Contii

On ''Wordsworth's Fun''

John Koethe

The Skittering Sound (fiction)

William Bonfiglio

On Mailer

Nietzsche: The Opera

Christopher Benfey

The Shadow: Pathfinder of Human Understanding

Edward Tenner

In the Waiting Room (poetry)

William Virgil Davis

No Small Parts

Adina Hoffman

In Lovely Blue (poetry)

Friedrich Hölderlin translated by Richard Sieburth

Letter from London

White Bird (painting)

The Burned-Out Bookshop

Marina Warner

Two Poems

A History of Fire

They Shall Wander in Extremity

Gabriel Levin

The Service Entrance

Jerry L. Thompson

Carmen and Ant (fiction)

Adam Schwartz

How to Face Reality: Ruskin, Freud, Winnicott

David Russell

Two Poems

Bruce Lawder

And Now, Let’s All Play, ''What’s My Line?''

Drawing for Transient Ranbow (drawing)

Field Notes from a Pandemic: Call of the Killdeer

Fevered History

Elizabeth D. Samet

Since February (poetry)

James Longenbach

''King Lear'' and Social Security

Richard Strier

Is Mass Incarceration Here to Stay?

Lynn Adelman

The Burial of the Sardine (fiction)

Gabriel Josipovici

Two Poems

Georges Perec, W, and the Making of ''The Memory of Childhood''

Roger Bacon

Abandonment (poetry)

Peter Leight

In Praise of Jealousy?

Victor Brombert

Dorothy Parker at Her Wit's End

James Williams

Other People (poetry)

Keizer, Garret

Cats and the Existential Struggle of French Philosophy

No Daisies (painting)

One Hundred Seconds

Pink Sky (poetry)

William Leo Coakley

Assange behind Glass

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Time Trouble in Winslow Homer

Noelle Bodick

Four Poems

John Kinsella

Black Desert: Nineteen Remnants

Rereading ''Clarissa''

Robert Crossley

Three Poems

Svevo on the Couch

Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen

Learning to Practice My Brother's Method (fiction)

Peter Dimock

The Sounds of Silence

Levine, George

Spaces 3 (pigment print)

Spaces 1 (pigment print)

Miles the Mercurial

Paul Grimstad

Robert Kagan: Machiavellian in Liberal Disguise

David C. Henderickson

Grand Escalante (poetry)

D. E. Steward

On Michael Fried and Literary Impressionism

Zachary J. Roberts

First Lent in California (poetry)

Nate Klug

A Ghostlike Interference: Jack Spicer's Detective Novel

Daniel Katz

Listening to John Koethe

Robert Hahn

Three Poems

Rachel Hadas

The More You Know (fiction)

Joy Lanzendorfer

Frederick Douglass and the Arc of History

Steven Hahn

Hawthorne's Allegory

Julia Fisher

Three Poems

Brian Swann

The Hundred Oceans of Jonathan Swift

John Cotter

Remembering Suzanne Hyman

Climates 3 (pigment print)

Afterthoughts 6 (pigment print)

The Roberts Court v. the First Amendment

Lynn Adelman

Affirming America

George Scialabba

Two Poems

Noor Shawaf

Green Heron (On Dwelling in Possibility)

Derek Furr

A Virgil for Our Time

Eleanor Cook

Two Poems

Susan Barba

My Guy

Andrew J. Bacevich

Ask the Bretschtellmann

William Firebrace

Avocations (fiction)

Theodore Kitaif

The Celebrity Indian in American Culture

Barbara Cutter and Brian Roberts

The Strain of Race in ''Show Boat''

Geoffrey Galt Harpham

Girl (poetry)

Sylvie Baumgartel


Nathaniel Rudavsky-Brody

Stamens 1 (pigment print)

Stamens 2 (pigment print)

Bergman and the Trials of Intimacy

David Bromwich

An Isadorable Unbound

Christoph Irmscher