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Contents of the Summer 2017 Issue

Ray Klimek
CC Primo Levi

Digital C Print
(30 x 40 inches), 2017
Copyright held by the artist

Ray Klimek

CC Primo Levi (digital C print)

William Firebrace
A Fine Place for a Storm (PDF)

Charles Bardes
Distortions on Tudor Physicians (poetry) (PDF)

Adam Phillips
"Loose Change": The Conversions of William James

William Casement
Authenticating Antoine

Paul Maliszewski and James Wagner
Caldera (fiction)

Marc Vincenz
Three Poems

Jessica Burstein
All Politics

Eugene McCarraher
God and Mammon, Incorporated (PDF)

Megan Vaughan
Colonial Melancholia

James Longenbach
Two Poems

George Toles
The Theater of Aloneness in Film

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