Contents of the Summer 2018 Issue

381LaBierPeter LaBier
White Fright

Oil on canvas
(48 x 36 inches), 2017
Copyright held by the artist

Peter LaBier

White Fright

Patrick Lawrence
Discerning Vladimir Putin (PDF)

John Koethe
Two Poems

David S. Foglesong
Vladimir Putin: From Soulmate to Archenemy (PDF)

Gordon Lish
Does This Mean Anythugng? (fiction)

Stephen Kampa
The Best Witchdoctors (poetry)

Mason Golden
"Zombie Birdhouse": On the Occasion of the Dada Centenary

Alexis McCrossen
Subjective Time

Mari N. Crabtree
The Art and Politics of Subterfuge in African American Culture

Peter Leight
Two Poems

Oren Harman
The Life and Times of a Scientific Mistress

Victoria Nelson
Herr Samsa's Testimony (fiction)

David Greenberg
Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and a Liberalism without Illusions

Anne Pierson Wiese
Harvest (poetry)

Willard Spiegelman
Robert Lowell in the Twenty-First Century

Karl Kirchwey
Black Boar (poetry)