Forthcoming in Raritan

Adina Hoffman, No Small Parts

Patrick Lawrence on Julian Assange

Roger Bacon, Georges Perec and the Making of Memory

Robert Westbrook on Sally Mann

James Williams, Dorothy Parker at Her Wit's End

Casey Nelson Blake on the failure of liberalism

Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen, Svevo on the Couch

Noelle Bodick on Winslow Homer

George Levine, The Sounds of Silence

Jerry L. Thompson, The Service Entrance

Fiction by Peter Dimock and Gabriel Josipovici

Art by Cara MariAnna

Poetry by Garret Keizer, John Kinsella, Peter Leight, and Sarah Paley

...Sometime in the fall of 1994 or the winter of 1995, nobody seems to remember exactly when, Hank Williams began putting on impromptu streetside concerts for unsuspecting pedestrians in Paris..."

-- Max Fraser (Winter 2016)