Forthcoming in Raritan

Paul Grimstad on Miles Davis

Lynn Adelman, The Roberts Court’s Sad Transformation of the First Amendment

George Scialabba, Jill Lepore’s America

Derek Furr, Green Heron (On Dwelling in Possibility)

Eleanor Cook on David Ferry's Aeneid translation

Andrew J. Bacevich on Evelyn Waugh

William Firebrace, Ask the Bretschtellmann 

Barbara Cutter and Brian Roberts, The Celebrity Indian in American Culture

Geoffrey Galt Harpham, The Strain of Race in Show Boat

Nathaniel Rudavsky-Brody, Rehearsal

Casey Nelson Blake on the failure of liberalism

Julia Fisher, Hawthorne's Allegory

Daniel Katz, Jack Spicer's Detective Novel

Robert Hahn, Listening to John Koethe

David Hendrickson, Is Robert Kagan a Liberal? No, He's a Machiavellian

Zachary J. Roberts on Michael Fried

Roger Bacon on Georges Perec

Noelle Bodick on Winslow Homer

Ray Klimek, Black Desert

Steven Hahn, Frederick Douglass and the Arc of History

Adina Hoffman, No Small Parts

Art by Jonathan Morse

Poetry by Susan Barba, Sylvie Baumgartel, Bruce Bond, Rachel Hadas, Nate Klug, Peter Leight, Noor Shawaf, and D.E. Steward

...All poems fix their designs in water, they are miraculous devices of sun and ice... 

-- Kenneth Gross (Summer 2016)