Forthcoming in Raritan

Ben Miller, Field Notes from a Pandemic

Elizabeth Samet, Fevered History

Victor Brombert, In Praise of Jealousy?

Adina Hoffman, No Small Parts

Roger Bacon, Georges Perec and the Making of Memory

Robert Westbrook on Sally Mann

James Williams, Dorothy Parker at Her Wit's End

Andy Martin, Energy, Information, and Cats

Jerry L. Thompson on photography and privacy

Lynn Adelman, Is Mass Incarceration Here to Stay?

Fiction by Gabriel Josipovici and James Reed

Art by William Baziotes and Cai Guo-Qiang

Poetry by Garret Keizer, Peter Leight, and James Longenbach

...And in there, in that old, broken-down house, we found, deep inside, in the heart of the house, a huge dining room, with a long, dark, wooden table, on which this old Parsi fellow was sitting, like Rip Van Winkle, dipping his teaspoon into a soft-boiled egg... 

-- Ardashir Vakil (Spring 2015)