Forthcoming in Raritan

George Scialabba on Jill Lepore's America
Marjorie Garber, Relatable
Casey Nelson Blake on the failure of liberalism
Christopher Benfey, Strange Ways: Exile, Prison, Portraiture
David Bromwich on Ingmar Bergman
Patricia Meyer Spacks, Mastering the Word
Vernon Shetley, Marianne Moore Remade
David Bosworth on Adam and Eve
Arthur Krystal, Ashbery, the Poet of Our Clime
Marilyn Moriarty, Road-Rage Jane in Torino
Fiction by Samuel Klonimos
Art by Peter LaBier
Poetry by Bruce Bond, George Looney, Jana Prikryl, and Mark Rudman

...All poems fix their designs in water, they are miraculous devices of sun and ice... 

-- Kenneth Gross (Summer 2016)