Forthcoming in Raritan

Marina Warner, The Burned-Out Bookshop

Lucienne Bestall, A History of Fire

Gabriel Levin, They Shall Wander in Extremity

David Russell, How to Face Reality: Ruskin, Freud, Winnicott

Willard Spiegelman, And Now, Let's All Play, What's My Line?

Christopher Benfey, Nietzsche: The Opera

Ruth Bernard Yeazell on Vermeer and the language of poetry

Marjorie Garber, As 'Twere

John Koethe on Wordsworth's Fun

Benjamin Westwood, The Queer Art of Ardent Reading

Omedi Ochieng on the African American Intellectual Imagination

Adina Hoffman, No Small Parts

Robert Westbrook on Sally Mann and Southern history

Jerry L. Thompson on photography and privacy

Fiction by James Reed and Adam Schwartz

Art by William Baziotes and Joan Mitchell

Poetry by Sylvie Baumgartel, Elisa Biagini, Bruce Bond, Karl Kirchwey, and Bruce Lawder

...imagine a snowball slowly rolling down a snow-covered hill, only the snowball is made out of cash and the hill is a pile of money... 

-- Eli Cook (Fall 2015)