Forthcoming in Raritan

Hugh Haughton, John Berger’s Moment
Frederick Seidel, The Ezra Pound Look-Alike
Geoffrey Galt Harpham, America in and at High Noon
George Shulman, My Roth
Trysh Travis, The Cool Chick in Recovery: Understanding Brené Brown
Victoria Nelson, Letter from London: Mother Moorcock
John Loughery, My Millard Fillmore Problem
John Kinsella, Three Poems
Brian Becker, Radio’s Modern Folk
Mark Edmundson, Can Drugs Enlighten?
Christopher Benfey, Strange Ways: Exile, Prison, Portraiture
Marjorie Perloff on T. S. Eliot
Francisco Unger on A. R. Ammons
Patricia Meyer Spacks, Mastering the Word
Vernon Shetley, Marianne Moore Remade
Rosalind Parry, Engraving Jane Eyre
Jessica Burstein, Salinger: The New One
Arthur Krystal, Ashbery, the Poet of Our Clime
Lynn Adelman on the Supreme Court's view of democracy

...Sometime in the fall of 1994 or the winter of 1995, nobody seems to remember exactly when, Hank Williams began putting on impromptu streetside concerts for unsuspecting pedestrians in Paris..."

-- Max Fraser (Winter 2016)