Keyword: Emerson

Emerson's Sound Effects

Joan Richardson

The Teaching Life (review-essay)

Emerson on Fire (review-essay)

What Happened to Hawthorne? Metaphor versus Narrative in the Unfinished Romances

James Barszcz

Macbeth Appalled (I)

On Lorine Niedecker

Whitman's Political Vision

Two Faces of American Pragmatism (review-essay)

Stein and Emerson

Hum 6, or Reading before Theory

Emersonian Transparency

Emerson and the Work of Melancholia

The Standard Oil Trust as Emersonian Hero

Thinking About Human Extinction II

Some Myths About Diaries

Lawrence Rosenwald

The Question of Genius

Richard Poirier

Aggressive Allegory

Julie Ellison

Emerson, Coleridge, Kant

Frost, Winnicott, Burke

Agon: Revisionism and Critical Personality

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