Keyword: Shakespeare

Rosalind's Pregnancy

Jonathan Lear

The Music of The Tempest

Joshua Cohen

The Heart of It (Shylock Is Shakespeare)

Kenneth Gross

Shakespeare and Kermode (review-essay)

William Kerrigan

Harold Bloom's Shakespeare (review-essay)

A. D. Nuttall

Poetry and Politics in A Midsummer Night's Dream

Explorations in Shakespeare's Language

Vendler and Shakespeare's Sonnets (review-essay)

Would He Had Blotted a Thousand

Darwin and Pain: Why Science Made Shakespeare Nauseating

The Puppet's Calling

Revolutionary Justice and Wordsworth's Borderers

Ted Hughes on Shakespearean Mysteries (review-essay)

Macbeth Appalled (II)

Macbeth Appalled (I)

Thinking about Killing: Hamlet and the Path Among the Passions

Moving Statues, Talking Statues

Shakespeare in the Sonnets (review-essay)

Shakespeare's Wordplay (review-essay)

Cavafy and Alexandrianism

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