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A Dance Round the Totem Pole: Gore Vidal and Other Stories ( review-essay)

Modern Mass to Postmodern Popular in Barthes's Mythologies

Once Again: Geoffrey Hartman on Culture (review-essay)

Working-Class Plain Style

The Letters of Hart Crane

Langdon Hammer

Carlyle, Descartes, and Objectivity

Rattlesnakes and the Power of Enchantment

Harems: Mozart and Rossini

Auden, Hogarth, and The Rake's Progress

Ashbery: Poet for All Seasons (review-essay)

Psychoanalysis and the Future of Fear

Greenberg's Team (review-essay)

Bringing out Roland Barthes

Rome's Other Population

Larkin's Desolate Attics

Breytenbach and the Censor

Hart Crane's The Bridge (II)

Studs Lonigan and Pop Art

Blanche H. Gelfant

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