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Cinema's Growing Pains (review-essay)

Modernist Poetics and Fascism

Modernism's Libido (review-essay)

Modern Mass to Postmodern Popular in Barthes's Mythologies

Virginia Woolf and the Death of Modernism

Afterthoughts on Don DeLillo's Underworld

Pynchon's Mason and Dixon (review-essay)

Kenneth Burke's Element of Grace (review-essay)

Bisexual Identity Politics (review-essay)

The Inspirational Value of Great Works of Literature

Concealed Circuits: Frankenstein's Monster, the Medusa, and the Cyborg

Auguste Rodin

Modernism Muddled (review-essay)

Greenberg's Team (review-essay)

Eliot, Pound, and Expatriate Authority

Roy Cohn in America

The Debate: Seductions and Betrayals in Literary Studies (review-essay)

Gertrude Stein's Self-Advertisement

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