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Lord Jim and the Transformation of Community

John Hollander's Game of Patience (review-essay)

Afterthoughts on Don DeLillo's Underworld

Pynchon's Mason and Dixon (review-essay)

Beyond the Frame of The Portrait of a Lady

The O'Brian Touch (review-essay)

Washington Square, the Family Plot

Finales, Apocalypses, Trailings-Off

The Hermeticon of Umbertus E.

Beckett's Sociability

Leo Bersani, Ulysse Dutoit

The Late Jane Austen

D. A. Miller

The Economy of Pain: The Case of Howells

A Tongue Called Mother

Nancy Huston
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Don DeLillo

Embarrassed by Jane Austen

Thomas R. Edwards

Narrative Gaps/Narrative Meaning

Henry James the Critic (review-essay)

Evan Carton

The Double Helix As Literature

Henry James

Millicent Bell

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