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The Wildness of David Ferry (review-essay)

Christopher Benfey

Two Translations

David Ferry's Horace (review-essay)

Two Translations of Horace (poetry)

Red Meat: What Difference Did Stesichoros Make?

Six Translations of Horace

Dante's Canto XXV: Among the Thieves, A Note and a Translation

La Fontaine, a Fable and a Note

Gilgamesh and the Limits of Morality (review-essay)

Some Translations of Borges

From the Gilgamesh Epic The Death of Enkidu

Mimnermos: Poems an Essay, an Interview

Abishag's King (review-essay)

A Poem and Two Translations

Four Translations of Baudelaire

Poetry Chronicle: Dan Pagis and Robert Hass

Translating Baudelaire

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