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Rereading ''War and Peace'' with Sergei Bondarchuk

The Sinister Seductions of ''Humane War''

Lincoln's Constitutional Necessity

Ralph Ellison, Race, and American Culture

Virginia Woolf and the Death of Modernism

The Failure of the New York Intellectuals

Auden in Time of War

Charles Berger
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The Poet and the Postwar City

Rattlesnakes and the Power of Enchantment

The O'Brian Touch (review-essay)

Max Frisch: The Courage of Failure

Erotic Literature in Postwar France

Genteel Androgyny: Santayana, Henry James, Howard Sturgis

The Language of Longing (review-essay)

Geoffrey Galt Harpham

Edward Thomas and Modernism

Popular Culture & Intellectual Pastoral

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