Volume 14 Number 1RSS

Volume 14 Number 1

Summer 1994

Free Speech (review-essay)

David Bromwich

John Rawls and the Moral Vocation of Liberalism (review-essay)

John Burt

What Can a Woman Do for the Late Henry James?

Mary Ann Caws

Kiss and Tell (poetry)

Irving Feldman

Counters (poetry)

Maureen Howard

In Defense of the Realm: Sassoon's Memoirs

Christopher Lane

The Language of Balloon

Jonathan Morse

Frederick Seidel's New Poetry (review-essay)

Adam Phillips

Dante's Canto XXV: Among the Thieves, A Note and a Translation

Robert Pinsky

Literary Criticism, Localism, and Local Knowledge

David Simpson

Soccer: The Game American Refuses to Play

Sam Whitsett

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