Volume 15 Number 2RSS

Volume 15 Number 2

Fall 1995

Nixon as Literary Artifact

Daniel Aaron

Via Verrocchio 30 (fiction)

John Ashworth

TV Men: Hektor (Poetry)

Anne Carson

Indecision: Some Abandoned Reflections

Alexander George

Violence and Artistic Representation in John James Audubon

Christoph Irmscher

from Just Let Me Say This About That (as John Bricuth)

John Irwin

Darwin and Pain: Why Science Made Shakespeare Nauseating

George Levine

Ashbery: Poet for All Seasons (review-essay)

Steven Meyer

Stern Hedonism: The Pleasure of Clothes (review-essay)

Jane Miller

Two Poems

Stuart Mitchner

Stolen Shadows, Lost Souls: Body and Soul in Photography

Marina Warner

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