Volume 16 Number 1RSS

Volume 16 Number 1

Summer 1996


David Bromwich

The O'Brian Touch (review-essay)

Thomas R. Edwards

Two Translations of Horace (poetry)

David Ferry

How I Came Into My Inheritance

Dorothy Gallagher

White Pine (poetry)

Matthew Greenfield

The Blind Side of the Akedah

Geoffrey Hartman

Fahrenheit 451 Below (review-essay)

Denis Hollier

The Teaching Life (review-essay)

Paul Kane

Can You Beat the Devil? (review-essay)

William Keach

Up Close, In Touch

Georgina Kleege

Flightless Birds (fiction)

Victoria Nelson

Pregnant Goat (poetry)

Robert Pack

The Inspirational Value of Great Works of Literature

Richard Rorty


Frederick Seidel

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