Volume 17 Number 4RSS

Volume 17 Number 4

Spring 1998

Hopper Confessions (poetry)

Anne Carson

The Failure of the New York Intellectuals

Ann Douglas

Words out of Place (poetry)

Irving Feldman

The Magnificent Ambersons

Robert Garis

Gertrude Stein (poetry)

Edward Hirsch

Thinking Big about Thinking Small: Science, Futurology, and Justice (review-essay)

George Levine

Whitman, Sexuality, and Poetic Authority

Mark Maslan

Vendler and Shakespeare's Sonnets (review-essay)

A. D. Nuttall

Alma through the Stereoscope

Dorothea Straus

Afterthoughts on Don DeLillo's Underworld

Tony Tanner

Pynchon's Mason and Dixon (review-essay)

Michael Wood

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