Volume 18 Number 2RSS

Volume 18 Number 2

Fall 1998

Crabapple, and Difficulty (poetry)

Linda Bamber

Modern Mass to Postmodern Popular in Barthes's Mythologies

Marianne De Koven

Sand and Clouds

Annie Dillard

Once Again: Geoffrey Hartman on Culture (review-essay)

Geoffrey Galt Harpham

Early Birds (poetry)

John Hollander

Louise Bogan, Marvell of Her Day

William Kerrigan

Poetry and Politics in A Midsummer Night's Dream

David Mikics

A New Kind of Visionary (review-essay)

Adam Phillips

Marxists, Straussians, and Pragmatists (review-essay)

Richard Rorty

Virginia Woolf and the Death of Modernism

Jacqueline Rose

Working-Class Plain Style

Margery Sabin

The Footnote Demarginalized (review-essay)

G. Thomas Tanselle

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