Volume 18 Number 4RSS

Volume 18 Number 4

Spring 1999

Ralph Ellison, Race, and American Culture

Morris Dickstein

Two Translations

David Ferry

Modernism's Libido (review-essay)

Jonathan Freedman

Jerzy Kosinski at Columbia

Erich Goode

Family Values IV (poetry)

Richard Howard

Guggenheim in Bilbao

Myra Jehlen

On the Borders of the Wild

Georgina Kleege

The Legacy of Black Intellectuals (review-essay)

Arnold Rampersad

The New York School of Poetry (review-essay)

Vernon Shetley

Two Poems (Heracles and Fragment)

Tom Sleigh

An Irish Poet in America (review-essay)

David Wheatley

Santayana and Harvard Formalism

Shira Wolosky

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