Volume 19 Number 2RSS

Volume 19 Number 2

Fall 1999

What Is Literature? (review-essay)

Malcolm Bowie

New York Three Decades On (poetry)

Alfred Corn

Three Poems

Annmarie Drury

North Street Dithyrambs (poetry)

Jonathan Galassi

What We Talk About When We Talk About Culture

Matthew Greenfield

An Anatomy of Promising

William Kerrigan

Love and Marriage (review-essay)

Jane Miller

Cultural Studies and the Law (review-essay)

Richard A. Posner

Wordsworth at Century's End (review-essay)

Willard Spiegelman

Proust's Turn from Nostalgia

Susan Stewart

Auden and Poetic Inheritance (review-essay)

Aiden Wasley

On His Birthday (poetry)

Greg Williamson

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