Volume 19 Number 4RSS

Volume 19 Number 4

Spring 2000

Warriors, Bachelors, Artists, and Other Women (review-essay)

Carol Armstrong

Darwin, Freud, and Adam Phillips (review-essay)

Robert Coles

Balanchine Noir: The Four Temperaments

Jeffrey Escoffier

What's Become of Balanchine Technique? (review-essay)

Nancy Goldner

Some Versions of George Eliot (review-essay)

George Levine

Sex and Style in Contemporary American Poetry

Napoleon on Happiness

Andy Martin

“An Ill-matched Correspondence“: Laura Riding's Gertrude Stein

Steven Meyer


Kirk Nesset
Melissa Monroe

Two Poems

Mark Scott

Emily Dickinson as an Editorial Problem (review-essay)

G. Thomas Tanselle

Millenarial Poetics: Wordsworth’s “Nutting”

Kurt Heinzelman

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