Volume 21 Number 1RSS

Volume 21 Number 1

Summer 2001


Robert Bly

David Ferry's Epistles of Horace (review-essay)

Peter Campion

Two Poems

Michael Fried
Jennifer Clarvoe

Spenser's Sense of Poetic Justice

Jeff Dolven

Revisions of Visions: Wordsworth and His Inheritors

Anne Ferry

Conrad's Global Homeland

Geoffrey Galt Harpham

Martin Scorsese and the Film between the Living and the Dead

Philip Horne

Philosopher-Poets: John Koethe and Kevin Hart (review-essay)

Paul Kane

Portrait of an Artist

Jane Miller

What Is this Thing Called Love?

Dorothea Straus

The Memory Boom in Contemporary Historical Studies

Jay Winter

Susan Sontag and the American Will (review-essay)

Michael Wood

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