Volume 21 Number 2RSS

Volume 21 Number 2

Fall 2001

Gandhi's Integrity

Akeel Bilgrami

Him Again: John Ashbery (review-essay)

Dan Chiasson

Sargent's Wertheimer Portraits

Paula Marantz Cohen

On Frederick Seidel (review-essay)

Robyn Creswell

Eccentric Visions: Ashbery's Other Traditions (review-essay)

James Gibbons

Cuba on Our Minds (review-essay)

William Keach

What Used to Be Called Psychoanalysis (review-essay)

The Old Masters: Kubrick, Polanski, and the Late Style in Modern Cinema

James Morrison

Two Poems

Kate Northrop

Late in the Rockies (poem)

Robert Pack

Purity and Danger: On Philip Roth (review-essay)

Writer's Gift, Writer's Grudge

Norma Rosen

M.F.K. Fisher and the Consolations of Food

Max Rudin

Six Poems

Charles Simic

From the Diary of a Movie Buff (review-essay)

Ben Sonnenberg

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