Volume 22 Number 1RSS

Volume 22 Number 1

Summer 2002

Editor's Note

September 2, 1993, Tomales Bay (photography)

Jennifer Lovejoy

How Historians Play God

Robert Darnton

Ovid in America

Marina Warner

Dreaming in Indian

Alan Trachtenberg

Urban Fishermen

Iggy Scam

Moscow 9/11

Mary Cappello

Two Poems

Sherod Santos

Giacomo's Seasons (fiction)

Mario Rigoni Stern translated by Gregory Conti

Four Poems

James Tate

Confessions of a Technophile

Edward Tenner

Miles Davis's Unfinished Electric Revolution

Michael Veal

Stonecrop (fiction)

Joyce Carol Oates

Trumbo and Kubrick Argue History

Natalie Zemon Davis

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