Volume 22 Number 2RSS

Volume 22 Number 2

Fall 2002

Kelly Chapel, Yarmouthport, Massachusetts, 1991 (photography)

Pierre Loti and the Empire of Love

Matt K. Matsuda

To Say (poetry)

Levent Yilmaz translated by Ünal Aytür

Shylock in Love: Economic Metaphors in Shakespeare's Sonnets

Neal Dolan

The Blessed Way Out (poetry)

John Ashbery

John Brown's Body (review-essay)

Louis Menand

Jefferson, Emerson, and Jesus

Richard Wightam Fox

Flight (poetry)

Kenneth Koch

The Potato Man

Jane Miller

On Small, Good Things: Raymond Carver's Modest Existentialism

Gadi Taub

Four Poems (poetry)

Michael Salcman

Henry Thoreau, John Brown, and the Problem of Prophetic Action

Lewis Hyde

The Natures of Nature Writing (review-essay)

Richard White

Blindness and Insight (review-essay)

Georgina Kleege

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