Volume 23 Number 1RSS

Volume 23 Number 1

Summer 2003

god is water (painting)

D. Mark

Teaching the Truths

Mark Edmundson

Irving Howe's Partition

Todd Gitlin

The Invisible Music of Ralph Ellison

Andrew Radford

Two Poems

Rosanna Warren


Jane Miller

Consequences of a Conjunction

Remembering David Daniel

Jed Perl

Stravinsky and Balanchine (review-essay)

Nancy Goldner

Caffeine and the Coming of the Enlightenment

Roger Schmidt

Two Poems

James Tate

By the Time They Started First Grade (fiction)

Haley Carrollhach

Lacan and 9/11

Louis A. Sass

Photograph of Ted Williams, Collier's Encyclopedia (poetry )

Mark Farrell

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