Volume 25 Number 1RSS

Volume 25 Number 1

Summer 2005

Probe: Hughestown, Pennsylvania (photography)

“Hyped on Clarity“: Diane Arbus and the Postmodern Condition

Louis A. Sass

The Water Door (fiction)

Rosetta Loy translated by Gregory Conti

Desiring by Myself

Adam Phillips

Commute (poetry)

Averill Curdy

Joy in American Beauty

Adam Potkay

Two Poems

Roberta Spear

Plum Time in Neverland: The Divine Comedy of P. G. Wodehouse

William Vesterman

Frederick Douglass and the Aesthetics of Freedom

John Stauffer

The Prospect for Textual Criticism

G. Thomas Tanselle

Two Poems

M.S. Greenberg

Freud for Everyman (and Everywoman) (review-essay)

Geoffrey Hartman

Four Poems

Samuel Menashe

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