Volume 25 Number 3RSS

Volume 25 Number 3

Winter 2006

L'Enfant à la Ficelle (The Child with a String) (painting)

Serving the Sentence

Sven Birkerts

Three Poems

Seth Lachterman

Macbeth and Dismemberment

Millicent Bell

Melville, Locke, and Faith

Colin Dayan

Blücher's Elephant (poetry)

Elizabeth Samet

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackboard

Roger Schmidt

The Genteel Tradition at Large

Joan Shelley Rubin

Two Poems

Kirk Nesset

John Ashbery and You

John Emil Vincent

The Presence of the Past: Mulholland Drive against Vertigo

Vernon Shetley

Commentary on Dürer's Melancolia I: New Looks

Introduced by Jackson Lears. Commentary by Trevor Winkfield, Dore Ashton, Jack Barth, Peg Boyers, Jo...

The Invalid (poetry)

Mark Rudman

An Island Education

Lucienne S. Bloch

Two Poems

John Hollander

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