Volume 25 Number 4RSS

Volume 25 Number 4

Spring 2006

Entrance to the Castle of Torrechiara (photography)

Two Poems

Jason Marak

The Anarchist and the Mob

Gian Carlo Fusco translated by Gregory Conti

On Constantin Brancusi

Dore Ashton

Two Poems

Priscilla Atkins

Learning to Fly

Nancy Barber

Against Fluency; or, Walden in West Africa

Chris Walsh

Flighty Youth (fiction)

Megan Carney

The River People (photo-essay)

Margaret Morton

Three Poems

Kate Northrop

Frank Bidart's Emersonian Redemption

Thomas M. Allen

The Trouble with Transparency (review-essay)

Samuel Otter

Thomas Edison, Found Poetry

Blaine McCormick

Copland's Paradoxical Fanfare

Sean Wilentz

Before Losing You at the Market, Finding You in the Temple (poetry)

Peg Boyers

Willing Women: Samoa, Tahiti, and the Western Imagination

Andy Martin

The Heart of It (Shylock Is Shakespeare)

Kenneth Gross

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