Volume 27 Number 1RSS

Volume 27 Number 1

Summer 2007

Editor's Note

Man and Woman Under Cloudy Sky (mixed media)

One Million B.C., The Prehistory of Love (fiction)

Victoria Nelson

Pulp History

Carlo Rotella

The Authenticity Issue

Adam Phillips

Gatekeeping (review-essay)

Bruce Robbins

Two Poems

John Canaday

Two Poems

Gianmarc Manzione

Two Poems

Lisa Williams

Three Poems

David Baker

Picnic at Perryville Battlefield (poetry)

Kathy Knuckles Barbour

Three Poems

K. E. Duffin

Theory Out of Bounds (review-essay)

Noah Isenberg

Bourne Over Baghdad

Robert Westbrook

Veritas (Part I)

Ved Mehta

Key West (memoir/drawing)

Aldo Buzzi and Saul Sternberg translated and introduced by James Marcus

The Rabbit Hunters, ca. 1900 (poetry )

Gerard Malanga

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