Volume 27 Number 3RSS

Volume 27 Number 3

Winter 2008

Winged Waste (painting/assemblage)

Mums as the Measure of Men: Horticulture and Culture

Philip J. Pauly


Amy Barsky

Notes from Wadi Rumm

Gabriel Levin

Three Poems

Eugene Dubnov translated with Maxine Kumin

Remembering Richard Rorty

David Bromwich

Three Poems

Noga Tarnopolsky

Autism, Empathy, and Existentialism

Andy Martin

An Eternal Revolution of the Russian Mind (review-essay)

Nina Krushcheva

Guantánamo, Empire, and the “War on Terror“ (review-essay)

William Keach

'Crat Scat (poem)

Mark Scott

A Visit to the Gallery

Nicholas Delbanco

The Art of Losing Oneself (review-essay)

Michael S. Roth

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