Volume 28 Number 3RSS

Volume 28 Number 3

Winter 2009

Flower, Moths, and Wasp (painting),

Maria Sibylla Merian

In Search of Yitzhaq Shami

Adina Hoffman

Four Poems

Eugenio Montejo translated by Kirk Nesset

Imperial Melancholy in America

Amy Kaplan

Four Poems

Lawrence Raab

Robert Frost and the Allure of Consensus

R. Clifton Spargo

Doing For (review-essay)

Jane Miller

Two Poems

Ellen Wehle

Walker Evans at Fortune

Robert J. Vanderlan

Poets Reading Shakespeare (review-essay)

Kenneth Gross

Snake (poetry)

Rachel Hadas

Salt (fiction)

Eric Gabriel Lehman

A Walking Tour of Blissville

Melissa Haley

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