Volume 28 Number 4RSS

Volume 28 Number 4

Spring 2009

Suriname Toad (painting)

Maria Sibylla Merian

A Soldier's Case against Empire (review-essay)

Elisabeth Sifton

Dreams Where I Can Fly (fiction)

Eric Barnes

Four Poems

Julie Sheehan

The Monkey and the Mask

Revan Schendler

Thomas Mann, Paterfamilias (review essay)

Jeffrey Meyers


James Guida

Scotland and the Historians (review-essay)

Karl Miller

Four Poems on Edward Hopper's Paintings

Ernest Farrés translated by Lawrence Venuti

The Forgotten Lighter and Other Moral Accidents in Strangers on a Train

George Toles

William Goyen and the Strangeness of Reading

Clark Davis

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