Volume 29 Number 3RSS

Volume 29 Number 3

Winter 2010

Winter Lilies (digital photography)

Six Poems

Osip Mandelstam translated by Ilya Bernstein

Hobson and the Critique of Liberal Empire

Jennifer Pitts

A Literary History of Teeth

Roger Schmidt

The Republican Flight from Reality

David Greenberg

Three Poems

Sherod Santos

A New Look at The Man Without Qualities

P. N. Furbank

An Artist of the Golden Mean

Victoria Nelson

Two Poems

Peter Moore

The Animals of the Budapest Zoo, 1944-1945 (fiction)

Tamas Dobozy

Two Poems

Anne Pierson Wiese

Quotidian Obituaries (drawings)

Isabelle Smeall

Time Flies Away

Jane Miller

Down and Out in Chicago

T. M. Luhrmann

Jacob Wrestles (poetry)

Samuel Menashe

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