Volume 29 Number 4RSS

Volume 29 Number 4

Spring 2010

Editor's Note

Observatory (digital photography)

Proposal for Raritan

Richard Poirier &Thomas R. Edwards

Selected Editor's Notes (1981-1983)

Richard Poirier

On Tom Edwards

Richard Poirier

Two Poems

David Ferry

On How, to Become Knowledge, Cognition Needs Beauty

Myra Jehlen

Under the Sign of Sontag: Philip Rieff and the Uses of Humiliation

Ross Posnock

On Miscellany

Akeel Bilgrami

Baltimore's Honeys

Karl Miller

Arnold Toynbee, Mac Bundy, Hercules Belleville (poetry)

Frederick Seidel

Father Knows Best

Leo Bersani

A Class Predicament (poetry)

Richard Howard

Carnal Ironies (review-essay)

David Kurnick

Three Poems

Wilhelm Müller translated by J.D. McClatchy

Lives of the Artists (poetry)

What Shakespeare's Heroes Learn

David Bromwich

Paul Ricoeur's Poetics of History

William C. Dowling

Two Poems

Richard Prud'homme


Jane Miller

Springing (poetry)

Richard Prud'homme

RP at the Willard (painting)

Robert Passantino

A Record of the Published Writing of Richard Poirier

G. Thomas Tanselle

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