Volume 31 Number 1RSS

Volume 31 Number 1

Summer 2011

Mid-Day (painting)

Jam Tree Gully Sonnets with Incidental Rhymes (poetry)

John Kinsella

The Desert and the End of Modernism

Joshua Shannon

Albert Camus, the Endless Defeat

Victor Brombert

Main Train Station (fiction)

Victoria Nelson and Deborah Barrett

Seven Poems

John Kinsella

Othello on Satisfaction

Adam Phillips

Two Poems

Annmarie Drury

The Widow's Son (fiction)

Ved Mehta

Two Poems

Anne Pierson Wiese

Waltzing with Balanchine

Nancy Goldner

The Limousine Liberal's Family Tree

Steve Fraser

The Old-Girl Network

Robert Darnton

Reading (poetry)

John Kinsella

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