Volume 31 Number 4RSS

Volume 31 Number 4

Spring 2012

Interior Life of Stones

Seeing What You See: Photographs by Helen Levitt

Alan Trachtenberg

On Scholarly Invasions of Privacy

Rochelle Gurstein

Pasteur (fiction)

Samuel Klonimos

Imagining the Real

Adina Hoffman

Journey through America (an excerpt)

Wolfgang Koeppen translated by Michael Kimmage

The Diplomat's Daughter: The Cosmopolitanism of Santha Rama Rau

Margery Sabin

The Fire in the Sea

Leonardo Sciascia translated by Gregory Conti, Illustration by Sarah Rasich

Imagining a World Where Translation Matters

Lawrence Rosenwald

A Translation from The Aeneid (poetry)

David Ferry

Remembering Stalingrad

Jochen Hellbeck with photos by Emma Dodge Hanson

Six Poems

Rosanna Warren

The Art of Writing Badly

Two Poems

Sherod Santos

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