Volume 32 Number 1RSS

Volume 32 Number 1

Summer 2012

La Guarida: Pink Drip (foto-projection)

How Georges Simenon Knew Where to Place the Couch

Myra Jehlen

Paul Goodman: Anarchist and Patriot

Casey Blake

Not at Home in Gilead

Jonathan Lear

Two Poems

Lisa Williams

Hair Piece: Derrida in the Wilderness

Andy Martin

Beyond Translation: The Dream of a Universal Language

Esther Schor

Faraway Love: Homer

Sebastiano Vassalli translated by Gregory Conti

Four Poems

Giles Goodland

Barry Unsworth's Utopian Imaginings

Greg Forter

Ethnographic and Narrative Frontiers: The Case of Gaskell's Mary Barton

James Buzard

John Ashbery's Houses

Karin Roffman

Romanticizing the Comics: What Wertham Got Right

Trysh Travis

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