Volume 32 Number 3RSS

Volume 32 Number 3

Winter 2013

Ave Avis: Shadow Dove (foto-projection)

Faraway Love: Villon

Sebastiano Vassalli translated by Gregory Conti

Getting It Wrong: What Zeno Did for Psychoanalysis

Adam Phillips

Thinking North

Mary Ann Caws

If You Were One of the Travelers, the Guests (poem)

Susan Stewart

The Legend of Reagan the Peacemaker

Doug Rossinow

Make Movies, Not War

Elizabeth Samet

Films and the Identity Problem

P. N. Furbank

Fruit of the Tree (poem)

Krista J. H. Leahy

The Pricing of Everyday Life

Eli Cook

Teaching Tact: Matthew Arnold on Education

David Russell

Faith-Based Politics with Wittgenstein and Malcolm X

Nick Bromell

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