Volume 32 Number 4RSS

Volume 32 Number 4

Spring 2013

Rondini: Gold Tree

Four Poems (in collaboration with various translators)

Eugene Dubnov

Frère Clément

Samuel Klonimos

Faraway Love: Rimbaud

Sebastiano Vassalli translated by Gregory Conti


J. A. Hijiya

Two Poems (trans. Christian Nagle)

Chuya Nakahara

Baseball Time

Stephen Seligman

The Mysterious Lincoln

John Samuel Harpham

The View from Somewhere

Philip Weinstein

Two Poems (translations of Horace)

Erica McAlpine

Pragmatists and Politics: The Richards Bernstein and Rorty

Robert Westbrook

Listening the Lyric

Kenneth Gross

Sound-Play in Stevens

Eric Gudas

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