Volume 33 Number 1RSS

Volume 33 Number 1

Summer 2013

Editor's Note


Darius and Xerxes

Ardashir Vakil

The Rub; or, The Moral Debate over Slavery

Brenda Wineapple

Two Poems

Peter Morrison

Gandhi and the Burden of Civility

Uday Singh Mehta

Thoreau and the Laborers of Concord

Robert A. Gross

In the Magic Circle of Night

Bruce Whiteman

The Music of The Tempest

Joshua Cohen

Three Poems

Debora Greger

The Moment of the Novel and the Rise of Film Culture

Morris Dickstein

Peckinpah's Laughter

Mark Scott

The End of the Affair: Rossellini and Antonioni after Neorealism

Joseph Luzzi

Hi Ho Silver? Away

Weston Cutter

“Death Will Abide“: A Meditation on an Adolescent Suicide

Ellen Lambert

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