Volume 34 Number 1RSS

Volume 34 Number 1

Summer 2014

Home Before Dark

Percussion of Cut and Salve (painting-assemblage)

A Translation from the Aeneid

David Ferry

The Subaltern's Dilemma

Andrew J. Bacevich

Figuring the Tumor in Botswana

Julie Livingston

A Private Bible

Thomas Gardner

Marcel Proust Meets Mrs. Dalloway

Casey M. Walker

When Pigs Talk

Myra Jehlen

Two Poems

Peg Boyers

America and the Great War

Michael Kazin

War and the Health of Randolph Bourne

Casey Blake

Ralph Ellison's Novel without Qualities

Timothy Parrish

Two Poems

William Logan

Detective Fiction and the Aesthetic of Crime

John Samuel Harpham

Valor and Art in Hemingway's Letters

Jeffrey Meyers

On Modern Western Antiwar Literature

Lawrence Rosenwald

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