Volume 34 Number 4RSS

Volume 34 Number 4

Spring 2015

Last Time (fiction)

Michael André Bernstein

Three Poems

Michael André Bernstein

Chinquapin Park, Alexandria, Virginia (digital photograph)

Waiting with Coetzee

Jonathan Lear

Seven Poems

John Kinsella

Apocalyptic Christianity and American Capitalism: A Marriage Made in Heaven

Chris Lehmann

Three Poems

Tom Sleigh

Black Nietzsche

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

Three Poems

Gerard Malanga

Enter Brando

Linda DeLibero

Shakespeare and the Theater of the Self

John Paul Rollert

Balanchine's Apollo and the Paradox of Performance

Nancy Goldner

The Unread Kennan

Elisabeth Sifton

Four Poems

Lance Larsen

Three Poems

Amelia Wilbur Riggs

Last Time (fiction)

Ardashir Vakil

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